So brewing is quite a long process. Mostly it seems to be lots of activity, then lots of waiting in between activities. I think it helped that we had help along the way, and could phone a friend when we were unsure. It helps that he sent us the right ingredients too :)

We've tried both strong and a weak (or Small) ale. Basically the strong ale is use all your ingredients as per the recipe, and the small ale, is use all your leftovers again to eke anything out that you can.

The strong ale (Great Ale?) is now in the fermenters, and the kitchen smells of a really nice spiced bread.
And the small ale is now in the plasterers bucket (which has contracted in quite an amazing manner) ready to be brought out and brewed closer to the time.  A good result all round, with the barley water being quite sweet and clear before it was put into the fermenter. Let's hope it works!

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