When looking for unusual things to do with grapes, we came across a recipe labelled grape relish. Even though it was not specifically datable to 14thC England, we decided it just sounded too interesting not to try - plus it allowed us to use black grapes, where all our other activities used white. 

First we washed and de-stalked the grapes, then pounded them, and added the breadcrumbs, verjuice and spices. Then we simmered the relish over the stove. This was when we realised this was much more of a sauce - and a sweet one at that.

After simmering it for half an hour, we took it off the stove, and pressed it through a mill. And the result was a fantastic rich purple sauce - very decadent. The only problem was that there wasn't very much as at reduced quite a lot - enough for us all to taste some, and bottle about a cup worth.
Relish it isn't, but it is a really lovely tasting sauce. And have you ever seen  such a fantastic purple in a dish before?

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