One week later it is time to strain the fermenting grapes, and get rid of the  grape skins, before putting the proto-wine in a sealed container to complete fermenting.

Even though it seemed like a small amount, it took all hands on  deck to actually manage the process, so they're aren't many photos. You can see the barrel uncovered,  with the bubbling grape mush - evidence of fermenting!

From 15  kilos of grapes, we now have about 5 litres of liquid hapily bubbling away in  our baby fermenter... I promise that it smelled better than it looked!
From our intrepid chef, and her tasting team:
Well, the recipe testing went well yesterday.

The Sawse Madame was fantastic (I substituted mint and thyme for the hyssop and savoury) and I want to cook this again for a dinner party.

The original recipe for Mawmenee was cooked and even Muighein thought it was too sweet. I've kept that sauce in a jar in the fridge to let the unsuspecting masses try it. I then did another redaction of the recipe, this time using significantly less sugar and it worked really well. Not everyone's cup of tea and needs to be mopped up with bread, but will be good to present. 

- Francesca